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Mary Heal


I’m Mary, I teach music in my local primary school St Bernadette’s. I have loved dancing since my earliest years. I danced every moment that I could. I joined Wembley Amateur Operatic Society, as a dancer and had a ball .Going to college and a career in teaching meant time was limited so dancing took a back seat. I became involved with the Society of Our Lady of Lourdes which takes sick and handicapped people on pilgrimage to the shrine of the same name in Southern France and was blessed to meet my future husband there. Gary and I married in 1990 and have three sons.














Beginnings for both of us


In 2007, looking for something to do, we found found ourselves at a line dance class. The rest, as they say, is history...


We expected to giggle our way through on the back row, like a couple of school girls while everyone else stomped around in boots, sporting cowboy hats and thumbs tucked deep in the waistband of their jeans. How wrong we were! Since that day we have been hooked and never looked back, enjoying classes, socials, fund raising events and weekends away with new friends. The discovery of this whole new world very quickly, developed into a desire to share the love and joy of dancing with anyone willing to give it a go, and so saints-inline came to be.  


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Sandra Ong


I’m Sandra I was born in Yorkshire, moved to London over 30 years ago. ken  and i where married in All Saints Church in 1980 and we have 4 Children. I have always enjoyed dancing, as a young girl I took my bronze, silver and gold medal in ballroom dancing. I also joined the mums tap class where my daughters went. We did shows and it was a great way to keep fit.  I keep myself busy by dancing most days and looking after my family.